About IIAI

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Our Mission

We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting innovation and protecting intangible assets around the world. Our mission is to help create and maximize the opportunities for cross-border collaboration in research and development, technology transfer and commercialization. We serve to expedite technological advancement by uniting nations, entities and people for innovation. We work hard to raise the public awareness of the value of intangible assets.

Our Method

We educate the public by inviting government officials, professionals and leaders in academia, technology and business sectors around the world to training sessions, seminars, webinars and conferences to express their views on creating, protecting and commercializing intangible assets.


我们是一家致力于在全球范围内促进创新和保护无形资产的非营利性组织。 我们的使命是帮助在研发,技术转让和商业化方面创造并最大程度地进行跨境合作的机会。 我们通过团结国家,实体和人民,促进创新从而加快技术进步。 我们努力提高公众对无形资产价值的认识。



Our governing and financial documents are available for public inspection upon request.